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  • A defendant in this suit filed by a prosthetics company may countersue for defamation based on alleged statements that his former patients disliked him, his patients were angry at him because of his inferior work, he “frequently lied” to his patients and he was fired for professional incompetence, dishonesty and meanness; however, the Charlottesville Circuit ...

  • A defendant found apparently asleep in the driver’s seat of a Nissan Murano, which was parked in a handicapped space in a restaurant parking lot, with its engine off but lights illuminating the radio panel, was in “actual physical control” of the vehicle and “operating” the vehicle for purposes of a DUI conviction under Va. ...

  • A Norfolk Circuit Court grants plaintiff’s motion to compel defendant Emergency Coverage Corporation to produce to a medical malpractice plaintiff an unredacted copy of its contract with Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health Systems for emergency staffing services. The court finds the redacted portions of the contract are relevant to the subject matter involved in the ...

  • Plaintiff’s suit alleging the owners of property that shares a common wall allowed their tenants to raise the level of their backyard with fill dirt by 12 inches and bury a rain water downspout, causing flooding of plaintiff’s home, cannot sue for trespass, negligence and nuisance, says a Fairfax Circuit Court. Defendant owners argue that ...

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