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  • An Alexandria U.S. District Court excludes two experts proffered by a chiropractor who is challenging the Virginia Board of Medicine’s sanctions of six months’ suspension and a $25,000 fine for violation of state statutes regulating medical practice; neither expert – a professor opining on the history of physician restraints on trade and a chiropractor describing ...

  • A country club “legacy” member may sue the club for a declaratory judgment that she is no longer obligated to pay the balance of her membership fee because the country club requires her husband to also become a member; the Richmond Circuit Court overrules the country club’s demurrer. Plaintiff signed an installment note for payment ...

  • A debtor substantially participated in defending plaintiff’s Oklahoma state court action against debtor, by filing an answer to the state court complaint, pleading affirmative defenses and asserting a counterclaim, and a Lynchburg U.S. Bankruptcy Court says the Oklahoma state court’s default judgment has preclusive effect in plaintiff’s action to declare the $634,395 Oklahoma judgment debt ...

  • In debtors’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding, the Richmond U.S. Bankruptcy Court sustains debtors’ objection to a claim filed by American Express Centurion Bank and disallows the bank’s unsecured claim for $67,927.75 on a credit card opened in husband debtor’s name. American Express concedes that if Virginia’s three-year statute of limitations applies, then its claim is ...

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