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  • A defendant who did not live in the house belonging to his mother and her husband – who did not know he had gained access to and was hiding in their attic when police came to execute an arrest warrant for defen­dant – has no standing to challenge the offi­cers’ entry and the Loudoun County ...

  • Although a police officer testified that defendant appeared to be driving over the posted speed limit when he first observed him at 3:00 a.m., the driver’s “isolated acts of slight drifting” to “touch” the yellow line twice over a one-mile distance were not sufficient to justify the traffic stop, and the Loudoun County Circuit Court ...

  • A video from a public school bus’s sur­veillance system showing conduct by the boys’ basketball teams that school officials termed “appalling” and “violent” is school property and the sheriff’s department is required to show the video for the school board’s disciplinary hearing, says the Shenandoah County Circuit Court. The commonwealth’s attorney estimat­ed that 25 people ...

  • Although plaintiff landowner did not discover until 2011 that VDOT errone­ously issued a permit for defendant tele­phone company to install underground power lines on plaintiff’s property, plain­tiff’s 2015 suit alleging claims for continu­ing trespass and inverse condemnation is time-barred, says a Campbell County Cir­cuit Court. Count I of plaintiff’s amended complaint alleges that defendant CenturyLink ...

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