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  • A divorcing couple’s Stipulation Agreement provided they were to benefit equally from two marital properties, with distributions from one either being used to pay off mortgages on the other property, or divided equally between the spouses, and a Norfolk Circuit Court holds husband in contempt for retaining distributions from the former property for himself; husband ...

  • Officers had probable cause to arrest defendant when he showed up in the same green Dodge Durango that had appeared at three prior cocaine sales to an undercover officer, a Norfolk Circuit Court says; the officers knew of the central role played by occupants of the Durango in the prior three buys, the Durango’s reappearance ...

  • Although an officer did not have probable cause to arrest defendant until he administered a preliminary breath test, and the officer failed to advise defendant of her right to refuse a PBT under Va. Code § 18.2-167(F), that statute does not provide a remedy for a stand-alone violation of the statute, and the court denies ...

  • A contract cleaning employee who alleges he fell off his ladder after receiving an electric shock from exposed bare wires has stated claims for negligent supervision and for negligence based on defendant’s internal policies and procedures, but the Norfolk Circuit Court dismisses plaintiff’s claim for negligent training. The U.S. Department of the Navy hired the ...

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