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  • A father’s gross income for child support calculation should include “phantom income” he received as part of a $900,000 retention bonus, provided by employer in 2007 as a loan that is forgiven in one-ninth increments annually, a Fairfax Circuit Court says. Father argues that “phantom income” should not be included as gross income for child ...

  • A Norfolk Circuit Court denies the city of Norfolk summary judgment in its effort to thwart a referendum on the city’s rezoning of land to allow the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia to sell property around the historically significant Talbot Hall to be developed for single-family housing. Essentially, there are two issues implicated by the ...

  • The city of Roanoke has sovereign immunity from a suit filed by a woman who injured her shoulder when she tripped and fell as she stepped from the street onto the curb; the Roanoke City Circuit Court grants the city’s special pleas in bar. Plaintiff alleges the city was negligent in fulfilling its proprietary obligation ...

  • The Court of Appeals upholds termination of father’s parental rights to a child who suffered from medical neglect after being born prematurely at 29 weeks, as the father showed little to no ability to respond to the child’s needs. The evidence proved the father did not substantially remedy the conditions that led to or required ...

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