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  • An Oregon company that developed new “SawStop” safety technology for table saws has failed to state antitrust conspiracy claims against a wide array of industry competitors, some of whom licensed plaintiffs’ technology, and who allegedly refused to deal with plaintiff and worked’ against adoption of plaintiff’s technology as an industry standard; the Alexandria U.S. District ...

  • An Alexandria U.S. District Court refuses to dismiss an automobile detailer’s suit alleging breach of an oral contract for defendant’s failure to pay overtime or the promised paid vacation during his five-year tenure as an hourly worker. Virginia law recognizes oral contracts provided the terms are reasonably certain, definite and complete to enable the parties ...

  • A Richmond U.S. District Court grants defendant credit union’s motion to transfer to the Alexandria Division, plaintiff’s home forum, this suit alleging defendants’ unauthorized access and use of plaintiff’s consumer report violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Plaintiff resides in Woodbridge, Va. Defendant LTD Inc. d/b/a Lustine Toyota Dodge is a Virginia corporation that regularly ...

  • A claimant seeking return of $18,690 in U.S. currency seized from a van after a drug dog alerted to the currency and the van’s occupants disavowed ownership or knowledge of the money cannot claim the cash based on a “bare assertion” of ownership and a request for “some latitude” in making his claim; the Harrisonburg ...

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DISCLAIMER: David A. Cardon is an attorney at the Virginia Beach office of Cardon and Goodman, P.C. who concentrates his legal practice in traffic, criminal, and personal injury law. Mr. Cardon provides the materials contained above as a public service and on an informational basis only. These materials are not intended to be a comprehensive statement of Virginia law, and are not intended to convey legal advice.

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