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  • An Alexandria U.S. District denies defendant’s motion for a downward variance arguing that the government had to prove he was not truthful in providing information to the government; in this first-impression case, the court joins other federal appeals courts and holds that applicability of the safety valve does not implicate Alleyne v. U.S. On June ...

  • An employee of the Fairfax Fire & Rescue Department who tested positive for PCP two months after he signed a “back to work” agreement in lieu of removal after a DUI arrest, has not shown that his drug test and subsequent removal resulted from racial bias, and the Alexandria U.S. District Court dismisses grants summary ...

  • An insurance broker who served as treasurer for plaintiff volunteer fire company and handled its insurance coverage, who committed suicide after increasing commercial crime coverage and embezzling $500,000, did not make an affirmative misrepresentation when he failed to provide information in the defendant carrier’s renewal questionnaire; but the company’s increased coverage is void because the ...

  • An administrative assistant for an eye surgery center cannot sue two supervisors in their individual and official capacities for alleged pregnancy discrimination that prompted her termination; the Norfolk U.S. District Court accepts the magistrate judge’s recommendation to dismiss the supervisors as defendants. Plaintiff was hired by Virginia Center for Eye Surgery on Sept. 9, 2011, ...

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