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  • The Court of Appeals upholds an or­der terminating the parental rights of a mother who had mental health issues and who was unresponsive to the prob­lems of her child, who, when he came to the attention of social service at age 15, weighed 33 pounds and could not feed himself, drink from a cup or ...

  • Although defendant presents a novel interpretation of Va. Code § 19.2-270.5, contending that the notice required un­der the statute should be tolled against the commonwealth because it was the proponent of the DNA evidence in this case, the Court of Appeals cannot con­sider his statutory speedy trial claim because a transcript of the speedy trial ...

  • A trial correctly considered the fac­tors under Va. Code § 20-124.3 rel­evant to its custody determination, and the Court of Appeals rejects the guardian ad litem’s appellate claim that the trial court erred in awarding primary physical custody to mother. The GAL also contends that because mother continued to violate court or­ders, the trial court ...

  • A trial court erred in not allowing mother to present evidence of her relationship with her child prior to mother’s incarceration on drug-re­lated charges, and then holding that mother had never had a relationship with the child; the Court of Appeal re­verses the circuit court order denying mother’s request for visitation and granting the paternal ...

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